Qld Barista Competition 2011


Queensland’s coffee community gathered in Brisbane at Di Bella Coffee Roastery on the weekend – to see the state’s best baristas compete in an event that will see the winners go on to the Australian finals in May next year. In June, the Australian winners will compete in the World Barista Championships in Vienna.

Four of the six categories in the WBC were represented at the competition and the winners were:


1st Matt Troughton (Dandelion and Driftwood) 2nd Janelle Kingsley (Dandelion and Driftwood) 3rd Jean-Paul Sutton (Veneziano)

Latte art

1st Scott Luengen (Cup Coffee) 2nd Adrian Zucher (Veneziano) 3rd Sam Liao (Dandelion and Driftwood)

Brewers cup

1st Kelsey Kerr (Dandelion and Driftwood) 2nd Sam Liao (Dandelion and Driftwood) 3rd Peter Wolff (Dandelion and Driftwood)

Cup tasting

1st Fred Lullfitz (Di Bella Coffee) 2nd Daylan Isai (Di Bella Coffee) 3rd Jolie Beckett (Toby’s Estate)

Special congratulations must go to Dandelion and Driftwood for the tremendous team effort and their many wins - especially Sam who was successful in two categories. It’s an exciting possibility for any barista of any age or experience. Last year's Australian champion was only 21 with less than 2 years of experience as a barista. He came third in the world, proving that with passion and persistence coupled with the right opportunity and mentor, you can achieve anything you like.