The second edition Barista Bible has arrived!


The second edition BARISTA BIBLE has arrived!

This exciting second edition of the globally recognised Barista Bible is the culmination of research that began four years ago – as soon as the first edition appeared on the market. We do understand that things change very quickly in the coffee world!

Having worked alongside some of the best baristas and coffee experts, attended numerous trade shows and events, read an enormous number of trade publications, listened to lots of lectures and tuned into countless forums, we have gathered a wealth of new information.

The process of refining and revamping the old Barista Bible was quite different from writing it the first time around.  It was a most rewarding process to discard the old and outdated and replace it with new. We were amazed at the support of so many generous coffee people from around the world who showed us around and shared their ideas, giving the Barista Bible its new international focus. Whenever I wanted a photo or an example, all I had to do was ask and whatever we needed was sent.  Also, we sourced globally recognised espresso experts to proof some sections for content accuracy – because we wanted the information to be ‘spot on’!

With months of editing, checking and proofing now complete, the second edition Barista Bible is now ‘hot off the press’, ready to send out to the world.

In its original easy-to-read style, the second edition also includes:

  • a more global focus with trends and developments from around the world
  • explanations of the latest extraction measurement tools and techniques
  • double the information and illustrations on roasting, blending and cupping
  • considerably more on green beans and their evaluation
  • lots more photos, illustrations, tables and flow diagrams.

We’ll be launching in the USA in April with the aim of seeking distributors and wholesalers.

We will be in:

Los Angeles  5th April and 22nd April

Boston  7th – 14th April

New York  15th – 21st April.

Also, we’ll be attending the SCAA Event in Boston on 10th – 14th April 2013.

If you’d like to make an appointment with us, Kirsty, our assistant, is filling up the diary for our forthcoming trip right now, so …

call on +61 7 3352 7302 or +61 407 021 220 or


We look forward to meeting you!