Follow the simple instructions and barista tips in the Perfect Espresso books and training resources – whether you are a home barista wanting to know how to make coffee beverages or a commercial barista aiming to refine your espresso-making skills.

The Perfect Espresso coffee books are the essential reference for coffee connoisseurs and seekers of perfect coffee. They are presented in a contemporary, easy-to-understand way with step-by-step guides, illustrations and photos – all the detail of an espresso textbook. Each coffee book, including coffee recipes and coffee art – as well as the science and culture behind espresso coffee, is the perfect gift for anyone who loves espresso coffee.

The Perfect Espresso coffee training resources cover all aspects of barista training with programs and competency checklists aligned with the Australian Hospitality Training Package. There are practical activities and test questions, a slide show, a set of 20 wall charts and a customer service kit – all designed to make coffee training of future baristas simple, quick and easy – in cafes and restaurants as well as coffee schools and colleges.


Barista Bible
Choose the ultimate companion to learn the art and science behind perfect espresso beverages.
Barista Workbook
4 pack
Record your espresso knowledge and skills in this useful workbook.
Barista Guide: Conversation
Get ideas for great coffee conversation with these frequently asked questions.
Barista Guide: Dictionary
Learn the new language of espresso that has emerged in recent decades.
Barista Guide: Recipes
Learn tips and techniques for making popular beverages and latte art designs.
Barista Guide: Troubleshooting
Solve common espresso problems yourself without having to call your technician.
The ultimate guide to cafes in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern Rivers


Sold as part of Training Pack

Simplify your training with the programs, activities, checklists and questions on this CD.

Sold as part of Training Pack

Enhance your espresso presentations with the summaries and full-colour photos on this CD.

Barista Training Pack

Save time and energy in the planning, delivery and assessment of your barista training - with this comprehensive set of books, CDs, charts and other espresso training accessories.

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Enhance the walls of your café or training room with these attractive and informative wall charts.
Customer Service Kit
Turn your barista training into fun with this box of practical activities and ideas.


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Choose as a gift for the coffee connoisseur or the ‘hard to-find-a-present-for’ friend.
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Choose as a special birthday or wedding present for the coffee lovers who have everything.