Enhance the walls of your café or training room with these attractive and informative wall charts.

The Charts are both attractive and
informative, the ideal complement to enhance any espresso training environment

  • Support the programs and activities on the Training Tools CD
  • Packed full of professional illustrations and flow diagrams
  • Presented in a sturdy storage roll
  • Over 20 step-by-step espresso techniques included on the following titles:
    • Coffee beans
    • Cupping
    • The espresso machine
    • The grinder-doser
    • Opening procedures
    • Coffee grinding
    • Dosing and tamping
    • Setting the grind
    • Setting the dose
    • Extracting espresso
    • Assessing espresso
    • Foaming and steaming milk
    • Swirling and pouring milk
    • Espresso beverages
    • Special requests
    • Tray service
    • Cleaning the espresso machine
    • Cleaning the grinder-doser
    • Machine maintenance
    • Closing procedures
Price: $95.00